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Congratulations to our 2022 FFT Scholars!


My name is Lauren and I am a second year at UCLA. I initiated the first MedTech Research internship at UCLA Biodesign before entering college, and am now also a Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Creator at Meta. I am the founder and 5-year president of Girls in STEM. Growing up as a femxle in STEM, the odds were stacked against me; I decided to dedicate myself to fostering environments in which young womxn like me could explore their passions for science and technology uninhibited by gender stereotypes. In an attempt to address these injustices, I founded Girls in STEM (GISTEM) to empower girls to pursue technology and engineering careers through mentorship, networking, and hands-on projects. I aspire to continue to empower and uplift my fellow womxn as I embark on my professional journey in STEM.

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My name is Celine and I'm a junior at the University of Southern California studying Biomedical Engineering. At my university I'm involved as the Vice President of the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering, a student ambassador for the Viterbi School of Engineering, a research assistant in a nano-diagnostics laboratory, and as a member of USC Helenes, which is USC's official spirit organization on campus. I'm extremely interested in both the medical device and pharmaceutical fields, and have worked at companies such as Medtronic Diabetes. I am dedicated to the movement of making STEM a more equitable, diverse sphere, and hope to inspire future generations of Latinx students to pursue their dreams.


My name is Yanzhu and I’m a sophomore at Georgia Tech studying Computer Science. My area of passion is Software Engineering. I’m really interested in technology with the experience in Java, Python, and C programming languages. I’m also currently learning JavaScript and Angular. I received Faculty Honor at Georgia Tech with 4.0 GPA. I enjoy learning and exploring different fields in CS, such as machine learning, human-computer interaction. I participate in the Girls Who Code club and Rewriting the Code to empower the women in tech field. I have been attended women leadership conferences and inspired by the talented women leaders. I hope I can also help more female in this field just like them. Thanks for Female for Tech for helping me and other great future leaders get closer to the goal!


My name is Renee and I’m an undergraduate computer science student at College of Staten Island. My love affair with Computers started at age 10. I started coding at age 12 and developed an Engua app for English Language Learners at age 16. I have held 4 positions in Student Government at my College and was President of the Women in Technology Club. Over the summer, I was fortunate to be selected for Ai4all Changemakers at Columbia University (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM) among the talented students across the USA. In the future I see myself as a creative disruptor in technology. I would like to use technology to make products better, faster and cheaper that will enhance quality of life for humankind. I would also like to give back to society by creating a Scholarship at my University to help promising bright talented students coming from single parent families to fulfill their educational dreams.


My name is Tram. I am entering into my second year as a sophomore at the University of Washington. My interest in technology derives from my personal experience as an immigrant and the observable transformations technology has made to our lives on both small and large scales. I found it very inspiring the way technology weaves its way into many different areas of life, making things more convenient and accessible to different groups of people. As a compassionate artist at heart, I'm personally interested in being a representation and advocating for the voices that may have not been heard. Ultimately, I want to head in a direction where art, creative media, and technology meet to fulfill my creativity as an artist while making tangible impacts on my community. It's my honor to be the recipient of the Female for Tech scholarship because this is a reminder that I am supported and on the right path. Thank you for believing in women like me and helping to create a brighter future for the people we will serve!


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